Teresa Paschke

Artist's Statement

  • the act of pulling out; to draw thread through cloth
  • the art of representing or illustrating shapes and forms on a surface using lines and shading; to use thread as a graphic instrument capable of representing or illustrating shapes and forms and as a means of self-expression

I’ve become increasingly invested in the use of digital technology and its application within the arts. I’m intrigued by the expressive qualities that exist when combining new tools with ancient and traditional practices, merging sophisticated technology such as digital printing with the most modest ones—a needle and thread.

My current artwork combines elements of painting, printmaking, photography, and textile design. It represents a confluence of traditional techniques and state-of-the-art technology to highlight the visual impact of global perspectives on modern cultural landscapes. By juxtaposing contemporary and historical, sublime and profane, natural and cultural elements, it explores three relationships: